Employees and payroll

I'll help you migrate your data from QuickBooks Desktop to Online, bobharper.


It is unusual that the migration process asks you to delete the employees in QuickBooks Online.

Before converting you data, I'd recommend do a few preparations to prevent encountering errors while doing the process. 

  1. Update your QuickBook to the latest release.
    This will fix minor program issues.
  2. Do the Verify and Rebuild process.
    This will help us ensure that your company file is a great condition for the migration process.

You can then refer to this article for the whole migration process: Move your QuickBooks Desktop file to QuickBooks Online.


Remember that there are limitations when converting your data due to the feature differences: What to expect when you switch from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.


After the conversion process, you'll need to review the data you have in QuickBooks Online matches with your Desktop: What to do after converting from QuickBooks Desktop for Windows or Mac to QuickBooks Online.


Keep us posted of the result so we can further assist you.