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Payroll Summary Report doubled hours

Printed out the Payroll Summary report to do payroll taxes and for some reason it doubled the employee hours, deductions, etc. in the report.

When I check the actual employee record, the timesheet the hours, paycheck, everything seems to be correct.

I don't know where the problem is originating, so, can't figure out how to correct it.


Thank you in advance for any help .


Employees and payroll

Hi WEP1932.


The Payroll Summary report contains the total hours and summary of payroll by paycheck date. You might want to check each paycheck to see if there are items with hours without a rate. Hours entered on the paycheck will also be included in your payroll reports.


  1. On the Payroll Summary report, double click on the amount associated with the hours.1.PNG
  2. Click on the Customize Report button in the Transactions by Payroll Item window.
  3. Type in Pay Period under Columns. Then, mark to select Pay Period Begin Date and Pay Period End Date.3.PNG
  4. Click on OK.
  5. To check if there are duplicate paychecks created, review the Pay Period Begin Date and Pay Period End Date columns.5.PNG
  6. Then, double-click on the amount to see the detailed information of each paycheck. 
  7. Click on the Paycheck Detail button and review each item with hours.

I'm adding an article that you can learn more about customizing payroll and employee reports in QuickBooks.


Once done, it's a great idea to memorize the report. This helps save the same settings of the customized report for reuse.


We'll fill you in if you have any additional questions. Have a great day.

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Employees and payroll

Thank you so much for responding...but, as far as I can see it looks like the checks are correct.

I'll have someone else double check just to make sure I'm not missing anything.


QuickBooks Team

Employees and payroll

Thanks for the follow-up, @WEP1932.


I'll keep a lookout for your response after they've double-checked your Payroll Checks. If you see any errors or need further assistance, please let me know. I'm just a Reply away! Talk to you soon.