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Proper method for billing employee paid expenses to my customer.

Hello all.  I'm looking to see how others handle expenses that were paid for by employees but need to be billed to a customer.  Ie. hotel, per diem, etc.  I have already created a payroll item to reimburse my employee with his direct deposit paycheck.  I need to get the amount billed to the customer.  There is no method for billing payroll adjustments directly to customers.  I could create a liability account to write a check from to get the amount into the expense account but then what do I do with that liability?  Any help would be appreciated.

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Employees and payroll

Hello there, @rbelden.


You can use the timesheet to link the employee's wage to the customer. This can automatically add time to the employee’s paycheck and can be added to an invoice as a billed time to the customer.


Here’s how:


  1. Go to Employees, then select Enter Time.
  2. Choose either Use Weekly Timesheet or Time/ Enter Single Activity.
  3. Enter the needed information.
  4. Hit Save and Close.


To add billable, create the invoice in the usual way. The Time tab of the Choose Billable Time and Costs dialog box shows each of the times that you’ve recorded for a customer. To add these times to the invoice, click the Use column for the time. QuickBooks adds each of these billable times to the invoice as separate lines.


To get more ideas about managing your QuickBooks Payroll, you can visit this link: Help article.


It'll be my pleasure to assist if you need more help.

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Employees and payroll

Madelyn thank you for replying but I think you may have replied to the wrong post.  I am referring to reimbursable expenses that were paid by the employee and need to be billed to our customer.  In the end, I have decided to add my employee also as a vendor so that I could create a bill that would expense the charges to the correct account, create a billable expense to our customer and allow me to reimburse my employee via ACH/Direct Deposit as a vendor.