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Can I issue a refund via direct deposit to an employee after I have already run payroll for the week? I don't want to have to wait until next week.

QuickBooks Team

Employees and payroll

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Right now, we're unable to issue a refund using a direct deposit because you have already processed a direct deposit to an employee for the current pay date.


To issue a refund right away, I suggest creating a reimbursement and name it as a refund, then you can issue a paper check.


Let me show you how:

  1. Go to Workers and then select Employees.
  2. Click the Name of the employee.
  3. Click the Pencil icon beside Pay.
  4. In the third section, select Add additional pay types and then click Even more ways to pay.
  5. Choose Add reimbursementype and then enter its name as "Refund". (just enter 0.00 so that we can adjust the refund on the paycheck)
  6. Click Done.

We can now proceed to create a refund:

  1. Hover on the Workers menu and then select Employees.
  2. Click Run Payroll.
  3. Select Create another paycheck.
  4. Enter the amount in the Refund column and then hit Preview Payroll.
  5. Click Submit Payroll.
  6. Hit Finish Payroll.

Congratulations! You have refunded your employee seamlessly.


You can refer to this article for more details on how to create a reimbursement: Reimburse an employee.


I'll add this article as future help in updating a payroll check: Edit a payroll paycheck.


You're always free to leave a message or tag me (@Jovychris_A) if you need further assistance. I'm always here to help. Take care!