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Employees and payroll

@kpangaro ,  Sadly, it's not something you can turn off or disable.   QB decided to not give us the choice, and to add to the amount of clicks it takes just to get work done.  You have to find a workaround that best suites you.  


For me, we don't print checks or pay online.  I have to choose the vendor I'm needing to pay, click on the arrow next to the "schedule Payment", click on "Mark as Paid".  There, it will bring up invoices. 

**Side note- It will have invoices check marked, already.  You can change it for what you are needing to pay. 

Once you have your invoices check marked, click "print check", found down at the bottom enter of the page, or "Save and close" or "save and new", if you don't need a printed check. 


Welcome to the wonderful world of Wasted Time, brought to you by Quickbooks. 

Good luck.  


And NO QUICKBOOKS TEAM, this is NOT a good way to have to do it.  It needs to be put back the way it was.