Level 3

Employees and payroll

I can tell you are well versed in quickooks.....I'm still not clear on the following:


  1. Set the Employee Default, and each existing Employee name, to be Paid from Time Data....do you mean "to create paychecks" in each employee's profile?
  2. Now you see two columns: Payroll item and Service Item.....where is this??  In preferences?  I looked everywhere and cannot find it.
  3. You need to set Preferences to Job Track per Earnings item...where? In P/R & Employees?
  4. and Job Track Expenses, as well.....Do you mean "Job costing, Class & item tracking for paycheck expenses?
  5. On the topic of timesheet entry.....how do I enter in one weekly view, my 15 man crew, who all did the same exact job, at one time? 

Thanks for your quick response.  Sorry I have more questions.