Level 15

Employees and payroll

Open New Timesheet. At the top, in Name, Scroll all the way UP to find Multiple Names is listed. Reports that you Filter, you scroll to the Top of that filter to see Multiple and All as the options. In fields, you also scroll Up to see Add New.


In Timesheet Name, at the Top, Multiple Payroll (for employees only) or Multiple Non-Payroll (for vendors and other names).


You cannot list this in Prior Paychecks now; You need to be able to open Paycheck Details and see the Service item and the Job Name, as you see in my attachment.


You can make some $0 bills to offset all of this. Example:

Vendor Name = Allocate Payroll.

Make a Service item and name it Allocate PR. Link it to an Other Expense account and name that PR Allocation.

First paydate of the year, you see Payroll Expense for that date. You break it out by Job Name.


Enter a Bill for the Allocate vendor, listing the Allocate Service item over and over on the Items tab. Put the amount and job track; all entries are Not Billable.


Now you have a Total on the Items tab. Click on the Expenses tab. Post to that same Other Expense account here, putting the total as Negative, One Line, No Job Tracking here. Hit Recalc. You have a $0 Bill with fairly generic but Job Tracked details.

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