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Payroll has disappeared from my QB online - where did it go? I've been using it for months, and now all my employees are missing.

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Employees and payroll

Welcome to the QuickBooks Community, @caroline-brooks.


When you experience issues with QuickBooks Online (QBO) that could be browser-related. It's recommended to clear your browser cache. Cache and cookies are stored to improve browsers' background processes, however, too much can accumulate and can cause some odd behaviors. 


Let's perform some basic troubleshooting steps that will help you to fix the issue:


  1. Sign in to your QBO account using a private browser. 
  2. If you can see the payroll and your employees in QBO. Go back to your regular browser and clear the cache.
  3. If you still encounter the same problem after using a private browser, I suggest opening your QBO account on another browser


For more details, you may refer to this link: Troubleshooting browser problems

However, if the issue persists after doing the troubleshooting steps above, I recommend contacting our QBO Care team. They use specific tools to do a remote session and will verify what causes the issue and fix it for you.


Here's how:

  1. Go to the Help menu.
  2. Click Contact us.
  3. From the description box, enter "Payroll has disappeared from QuickBooks Online"
  4. Hit Let's talk.
  5. Choose either Get a callback or Start messaging.


To know more about payroll processing, please check out this article link: Payroll 101


Fill me in if you have other QuickBooks concerns, I'm always here to help. Stay safe and take care always. 

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