Level 3

Employees and payroll

I have completed Step 1. @BigRedConsulting 


However, I've not been able to complete Step 2.


So now it is correct that the income subject to tax and the wage base is now correctly reflected in the system for the employee at $0.00.


I attempt the KB https://quickbooks.intuit.com/learn-support/en-ca/employees-payroll/giving-an-employee-a-refund-for-...


When I attempt to put a positive amount in QuickBooks for that line item, no mater what QuickBooks just keeps assuming its a deduction and will not remit that amount back to the employee.


Item Name | Amount | YTD


Local Withholding | 0.00 | -15.00


I enter 15.00 in the amount column then QuickBooks automatically converts to a negative number.


Local Withholding | -15.00 | -30.00 |



Local Withholding | 15.00 | 0.00


Note that the withholding payroll item is currently set up as a 'Other Tax' and not as 'Deduction'.

As a side note, the QuickBooks Payroll Checkup flagged that the local tax may have an issue since the default 'Deduction' is deactivated and two accounts 'Other Tax' were created one for Resident or Not-Resident.