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Re: Employee Vacation Time

My question is, what do I put for "Begin Accruing Sick/Vacation time on:  ??"  Should this be the employee's date of hire or should it be changed every year to the next anniversary date?  Our company's situation is:  employees receive 40 hours of sick time every year on their anniversary date.  They are "use them or lose them" so they are not carried over to the next hire date anniversary year.  Vacation is different.  Employees receive 80 hours their 1st year, and an addition 8 hours of vacation each subsequent year until they earn a total of 120 hours/3 weeks vacation/year.  I have treated employees as if they earned their total hours of vacation on their hire date anniversary.  I have allowed employees to carry over vacation time they haven't used from previous years - hence my question about what do I put for Begin Accruing Vacation/Sick time - hire date year or current hire date anniversary.  Can Quickbooks track what I need it to do?  I would love to show employees their sick and vacation time on their paystubs but I've shut that off as I didn't know how to set up and show their vacation time correctly.


PS  I would like to send you employee vacation report files but I didn't know if they would be seen by the public.  I don't want our company name or employees names on this discussion for the public to see.