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Re: Employee Vacation Time

The attached is what I have for an employee who started with the company 11/28/2016. 

Sick:  he has 40 hours each hire date year; he has used 28.50 as of 9/15/18 and has 11.50 left until 11/27/18.

Vacation:  1st year of employment, 11/28/16 - 11/27/17, he had 80 hours of vacation available and used 56 so carried over 24 hours.  2nd year of employment, 11/28/17 - 11/27/18, he had 88 hours of vacation available + 24 from 1st year = 112 and by 9/15/18 he has used all 112 hours.


Will this be correct on his paystubs?  On his anniversary date on 11/28/18 should I change his vacation hours (Hours accrued at beginning of year) to 96?  Maximum hours 96 + any carry over hours if applicable?