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Greetings, @pdivino.


I’m here to share some insights about paying late federal tax payments in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


Paying your tax after the due date may owe you penalty and interest. Moving forward, you'll want to ensure to pay your taxes on time to avoid any penalties in the future. 


Nonetheless, you’ll need to pay these fees separately from your tax payments. This way:


  • It Helps the agency reconcile your tax payments correctly.
  • Keeps the tax payment separate from the penalty and interest payment.
  • Helps you get the most recent penalty and interest amount from the tax agency.

To know the calculation of your penalty and interest, I recommend contacting your tax agency for assistance. Once done, you can pay your late federal tax payment via:

You can also read this article for reference: Paying late federal taxes.


After paying your late federal tax payment, you’ll want to run your Payroll Tax Payment report. This way, we’ll ensure your tax payments are accurate and well accounted for.


I'll be around if you have other concerns about tax payment in QBO. I'm always here to assist you. Keep safe and stay well.