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Employees and payroll

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I can shed light on adding an employee from another state. However, I'm unable to call you from the Community, and for security reasons, the system automatically hides phone numbers here.


You can add your employee the usual way and enter their home address when you fill-up their W-4 info. If QuickBooks detects that their home address (state) is different from your company, you'll be asked to enter their withholding information per state, as shown in the screenshot. If again, QuickBooks detects that both states have a reciprocity agreement, you'll be asked if the employee gave you a Certificate of Nonresidence. This will be the basis on which state to follow for withholding their taxes. See more information about multistate employment situations.


I have a sample below where I entered the W-4 information of my employee living in KS, but my company is located in DC. I was asked to enter my employee's withholding information in both states and if the employee submitted a Nonresidence Certificate.



Basically, all you need to do is tell QuickBooks about your employee's W-4 info. Once set, you can state entering their first paycheck.


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