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Employees and payroll

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How often do you pay your employee? If you need to adjust a salary for an employee, you can override the hours worked to make such an adjustment. Therefore before running payroll, you need to calculate the hours worked from 10/19/2020 up to 10/26/2020 (a total of 7 days)


Here's how:

  1. Go to the Workers or Payroll menu, and select Employees.
  2. Select the pay schedule of the employee. Then select Continue.
  3. Select Run payroll. Then select the employees you need to pay.
  4. Under the Salary column, select the hyperlinked dollar amount.
  5. Select the Adjust salary this time only option.
  6. Enter the hours of unpaid time off.
  7. Click Apply and continue the payroll process.
  8. Select Preview payroll. Review the payroll details, and then Submit payroll.


You can also check out our guide on overriding an employee's salary in Online Payroll for more information.


Once done, you can pull up the Payroll Details report to view the detailed information of your new employee's payroll. Just go to the Payroll section in the Report menu's Standard tab. For the complete list of payroll reports available in QBOP, kindly check out this article: Run payroll reports. It also includes a step-by-step guide about customizing, printing, and marking a report as your favorite.


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Feel free to get in touch with me if you still need help in paying your employees. Keep safe!