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The City, State & Zip are repeated in the employee records and prints on two lines on paystubs. I have went through all employee records and deleted the extra line but it came back all by itself. How do I fix this? It looks rediculeous

Why are the City, State and Zip listed twice in my employee records?  When I print paystubs they print on two lines.  I have went in every employee record and deleted the second entry but it came back all by itself.  How do I fix this permanently?  I looks ridiculous and unprofessional.


Employees and payroll

Thanks for reaching out to the Community, @Debbie Mattingly.


Let's get this fixed by updating QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release as well as the payroll tax table. 


Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Go to the File menu at the top.
  2. Then, Close Company/Logoff.
  3. Go back to the File menu and choose Exit.
  4. Right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon on your desktop, then select Run as administrator.
  5. While on the No Company Open screen, pick Update QuickBooks from the Help menu. 
  6. In the Options tab, choose Mark All and Save.
  7. Mark the Reset Update box in the Update Now tab.
  8. Click the Get Updates button.
  9. Once the Update Complete appears, close and re-open the program.
  10. If you get the message to install update, select Yes. Restart your computer after the installation. 

When done, proceed by downloading the latest tax table update:

  1. From the Employees menu, choose Get Payroll Updates
  2. Tap Download entire payroll update.
  3. Select the Download Entire Update checkbox.
  4. Click Download Latest Update.

A window will appears once the download is complete. 


Check out the following articles below for the outlined steps.

Once done with the above steps, try to print pay stubs again. Check to see if it works. 


In case, you'd encounter an error when printing, see this guide on how to resolve:

Keep me posted if there's anything else that you need in QuickBooks, I'll be around to provide further assistance. Have a great day.

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Employees and payroll

I've done all of this twice, it didn[t work.



Employees and payroll

Hi there, @Debbie Mattingly.


I appreciate you for letting us know about the result here in the Community. Let me help you get the support you need to get rid of the repeated information in QuickBooks Desktop.


Since you've already performed all the necessary basic troubleshooting, I suggest you proceed with contacting our QuickBooks Support Team. One of them will need to take over and provide additional steps in a more secure environment.


Let me walk you through how:


  1. Go to the Help menu of the company file, then select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  2. Hit the Contact us link. 
  3. Click Search for something else.
  4. Enter your concernthen tap Search.
  5. Click on Start a Message

I've also attached an article you can use as reference on how to personalize a paycheck layout in QuickBooks: Customize a paycheck layout or pay stub.


Keep us posted if you have further questions about the employee information. We'll be right here to help.

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Employees and payroll

Updating tax tables will not fix this issue.  (How could it, possibly?)


This can happen, especially in recent versions of QuickBooks, when importing employee records with addresses. Could that be the case here?


I just confirmed that importing employees using QB 2019 will cause this when the employee address has only one street/delivery address.  However, I can fix it by editing the employee and removing the redundant info, so not sure why that's not working for you.


You may be able to fix it by completely removing the employee address and saving the employee.