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Re: Error displaying form W-2



Thank you for the answer.  I believe your correct that I needed to have all the taxes paid.  The problem was that the client set up the Officers payroll and did not set them up as exempt from State Unemployment Tax (SUI).  Therefore QuickBooks was calculating the SUI wrong.  There is no way to correct the QuickBooks liability without calling QuickBooks support.  (This is a flaw in the QuickBooks that needs to be a high priority fix)  The support is open for a limited number of hours, with no extended hours during the busy season and a busy telephone system when they are open.  So to fix the problem on the fly, you need to pay the correct taxes, then pay the overpayment (the additional erroneous taxes calculated by QuickBooks) so that QuickBooks thinks you paid all the taxes.  Then you go back and make a manual adjustment to cash to reverse the overpayment.  W-2s printed problem solved.   


QuickBooks Online has some significant flaws.  They really need to take some money out of the advertising budget and hire better software techs.