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Re: I have an employee who's permanent address is in MD but they work and reside in CA. How can I...

I am late to the party, but my understanding is permanent address means this employee is by law a MD not CA resident. So the MD address would have to be correct, however taxes taken out would be only for and submitted to CA.....unless CA and MD have a reciprocity agreement, which I doubt considering the distance. 


Also in a case like this, although CA state taxes come out and employee must file a non resident CA tax form for any refund as well as MD state form to pay that no local taxes would come out.


They want to file CA first in hopes of refund before their MD form is due. How do I know this? Family ecperience, employee of DE based company working in PA, OH, NY, no local tax taken out. Family member resident and living in PA, working in OH