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how to add new user with limited access .. only have option of of User Type -- Time Tracking ?

Needing to add New User (new employee) with limitations and restrictions .  However User Type offered is only 'Time Tracking Only'....?   I don't want to send them an email until all parameters are in place,  or is that not an issue ? 




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Hello bacmac15,


The number of users that can access your company depends on the QuickBooks Online subscription you've availed. You can check out the list below for more information:

  • QuickBooks Online Simple Start - 1 user only (Master Administrator) and 2 accountants
  • QuickBooks Online Essentials - 3 users (including the Master Administrator) and 2 accountants
  • QuickBooks Online Plus - 5 users (including the Master Administrator) and 2 accountants

Once you've maxed out the number of users, you can only select Time tracking only.


You can either delete other existing users or upgrade to a higher version.


Feel free to let me know if you need more assistance with this.



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Great help thank you. 

I believe we have Essentials. 3 users. 

I'm guessing 'user' is the same as 'employee'?  I have found a list of employees. But did also see a list of users, with me as boss (;-]), trouble is have not been able to find it since... any ideas James ? 


If they were to be on as Time Tracking Only,   what restrictions would be in place? 


If not TTO, what other option would you suggest,  that may be appropriate for a junior associate  ?


Ta Much 

QuickBooks Team

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Hello there, bacmac15.

I’d be glad to assist with adding a user with limited access. I just need some information to help me get on the same page.


How many users did you see in the Manage User’s page? Are you currently looking at the Employee List?


Which specific option are you unable to find?


I’d appreciate any details you can provide. Thanks in advance.



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Thanks for getting back, bacmac15.

In my understanding, your employees can be your QuickBooks users, or vice versa. Thus, some of your employees are also under the Users list.

If you're seeing more than 3 users under the Users list, there's a possibility that they are added as Time tracker users. They can only enter their own time sheets that you use when processing payroll.

Meanwhile, what specific tasks you want your junior associates to do in QuickBooks? Do they do administrative tasks (accessing Chart of Accounts, creating bank deposits, income and expense transactions, and others)?

Any information and screenshots you can provide would be much appreciated. It will help me give a clearer view on this.

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Hey Rasa-L,  

3 users, but the last is I think one that helped with initial setup  :  [email address removed], so safe to delete, I believe. 


Employees has both myself and wife twice , a setup glitch i guess .  Also the new employee but I cancelled the email to him , I think !    So am thinking of deleting all but two, then putting in the new employee again. 

Am wanting to know what type of setup is best for one who is only accessing customers, sales receipts, invoices and receive payments.



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Hey JamesD,  


thanks, sounds like Time Tracking is def not what we want !


We are wanting to know what type of setup is best, for one who is only: accessing customers, sales receipts, invoices and receive payments.


Ta much.




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Thanks for clarifying the access rights you want to give to your junior associates, bacmac15.


We can grant him a Limited access for Customers only. Let me show you how to do it:


1. Click the Gear icon in the upper-right corner and select Manage Users.

2. Go to the Users tab and click the Add user button. You can click Edit if your junior associate is already a user.

3. Select Standard user as the user type.

4. Click Next and select Limited Customers.

5. Click Next and  set the user settings.

6. Click Next and enter the user's information.

7. Click Save.


You can also use ths article for reference: User Management - Add, Delete, or Change a User's Access.


I'll be around if you need anything else.

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hey Team Qb, 


awesome help thank you for your help.  


All looking good now !!  Can now focus on soon coming holiday !  


Ta much, and many blessings. 


Employees and payroll

That's great, bacmac15!


You can always get back to us if you have concerns regarding QuickBooks. We got your back.


Enjoy the holiday seasons and take care!