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Re: I accidentally ran payroll to create a termination check. I need to back out of the payroll s...

Hi there, @AllCo!


There are two factors to consider when voiding or deleting your payroll. Let me share them and help you void or delete your payroll.


First off, you'll have to contact directly our customer support if you've created a direct deposit payroll. Since, here in the Community, we cannot look up into and pull up your account for security reasons.


To contact our dedicated team which is our Intuit Online Payroll Support team, you can check out this article to get their phone number: Which Payroll Service do you Need Help With?


However, you can simply delete your payroll if you've created only a check. Here's how:

  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Under Paychecks and Pay stubs, select Paycheck List.
  3. Choose the paycheck or payroll you wanted to delete.
  4. Select Delete.
  5. Click OK.

Once done, you'll surely be able to void the payroll. In addition, I've included an article you can read to learn more about deleting your paycheck: Delete or Void Paychecks.


Fill me in if you have any other questions about voiding or deleting paycheck. It'll be always my pleasure to lend you a helping hand.