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Is there a software available that I could do my own corporate tax filing. A program that I could plug in numbers and come up with good tax planning solutions?

QuickBooks Team

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Hi cormkat,


Doing your own corporate tax filing with the assistance of a software program helps ensure your entries are accurate. I'll be happy to steer you in the right direction with this. 

Based on your description above, I suggest checking out ProFile by Intuit. ProFile is a powerful Corporate Tax Preparation Software which offers some of the highlights I've listed below: 

  • File a group of corporations efficiently by importing information using Corporate Linking
  • Import GIFI code data from multiple sources
  • EFILE unlimited T2, CO-17 Québec, AT1 Alberta, and many more
  • Flexible licencing 
  • Comprehensive list of T2/CO-17 tax forms
  • Access returns going back a decade with a single install

I encourage you to learn more about ProFile using this link here. In case you have other questions, don't hesitate to reach out in the comments below. I'll be happy to assist. 

Otherwise, have a great rest of the week.