Submit a Record of Employment (ROE) form


Employees who experience a work stoppage and interruption of wages may receive insurable earnings. When this happens employers are required to complete and submit a Record of Employment (ROE) form to Service Canada.

Note: It is the employer's responsibility to ensure that Switch of Provider ROEs are completed by the previous payroll provider before services are terminated.


Submit the ROE form

Note: Once the ROE form is signed and submitted, it takes Service Canada two to six weeks to finalize the process. During this period, no ROEs can be submitted electronically and you would need to prepare any ROEs using the paper ROE form from Service Canada.

To submit the ROE form to Service Canada:

  1. Select Settings ⚙️.
  2. Select Advanced Payroll Settings.
  3. Select ROE authorization.
  4. Below you will see an ROE authorization form, click the icon to open up the form.
  5. Most information will auto-populate based on our company information.
  6. Electronically sign the form, and Submit.
  7. Shortly after submitting the form, you will receive an email confirmation.
  8. Select the provided link to Confirm my email address.
  9. After you confirm your signature, you will be emailed a signed copy of ROEWeb_AgreementForm.pdf as a PDF.
  10. Save when completed.

Your request will be processed and the ROE will be submitted on your behalf to Service Canada, where your employee can view their Record of Employment.

If an ROE amendment is required, contact for assistance.

Note: If you do not opt in for us to submit these on our behalf, you will need to calculate the ROE manually using the paper ROE form from Service Canada