Square and QuickBooks Integration Error messages

If you are having issues integrating your Square account to QuickBooks Online, follow these troubleshooting steps.

Possible Square integration error messages

    • Oops! There’s a problem connecting your account to QuickBooks.
      1. Sign out of QuickBooks then sign back in.
      2. Try reconnecting your Square account to QuickBooks Online.
  • Your session has been inactive too long and has timed out for your security. Please reload the page.
    1. Close the QuickBooks application
    2. Import your transactions again.
  • Oops! Something went wrong. Please sign out and sign in to QuickBooks and try again.
    1. Sign out of QuickBooks.
    2. Clear your internet files and cache (not your cookies). Note: You can also wait for an hour then sign back in to your company.
  • There was a problem connecting to your Square account. Please try again later.
    1. Close out your QuickBooks Online application.
    2. Try integrating your Square account again.

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