Fix direct deposit issues

Learn how to fix issues with direct deposit in QuickBooks and Intuit Payroll.

Here’s how to deal with some common direct deposit issues.

Why isn’t my direct deposit active yet?

See How to check your direct deposit setup status.

What if I missed the deadline to send my direct deposits?

If you missed the direct deposit deadline, you can pay your workers with paper checks or change your pay date to a later date for direct deposits. If you pay your workers with paper checks remember to change the pay method to paper check.

Why did I get a message about being over a limit?

For your security, we set limits on how much money you can send via direct deposit. See Get help with “Your payment amounts are much larger than usual” (direct deposit limit) for more info.

What if my worker didn't get funds on payday?

This can happen if your worker’s bank account info is wrong or there’s a problem with their account.

Most of the time, the direct deposit rejects and the money will be refunded to the business bank account within 2-3 banking days after the pay date. You can pay your worker with a paper check in the meantime.

If your worker doesn’t receive their money the day after the pay date, contact us to request a direct deposit trace.

Can I cancel a direct deposit after it’s been sent?

See Can I cancel Direct Deposit payments after they’re sent?

What if I paid an employee by mistake?

The best option is to collect the money back from your worker. If this is not possible, you may qualify to request a direct deposit reversal.

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