Handle an e-payment that has been rejected by the agency


The e-payment you have submitted in QuickBooks Desktop has been rejected by the agency.


You have E-Pay set up in your QuickBooks Desktop and you just submitted an e-payment.


If an e-payment is rejected, the rejected status will be recorded in the E-payment History window and in the audit trail for e-payment.

To handle an e-payment that has been rejected by the payroll tax agency:

  1. In QuickBooks Desktop, open the E-payment History window.

    1. Go to Employees menu > Payroll Center.
    2. From the Payroll Center, go to the Pay Liabilities tab.
      User-added image
    3. In the Payment History section, click E-Payments tab.
      User-added image
    • If the status is not updating, toggle between the All Payments tab and the E-Payment tab. Doing so will refresh the list.
  2. In the Status column, if the status is Agency Rejected, then the agency has rejected the payment and sent a reason code and possible solutions.
  3. Click the Agency Rejected link.
  4. In the E-payment Rejected window, review the payment information and the problem and solution messages sent by the agency.
  5. Click Void Rejected E-payment.
  6. You may now either resubmit the e-payment or create a printed liability check.
    • If you choose to resubmit the e-payment, it is important that you check the status again after resubmitting.