Set up a client's TSheets account in QuickBooks Online Accountant

Referring your QuickBooks Online clients to TSheets is quick and easy. You can help set up your clients' accounts to get them started so they're more likely to continue using TSheets! This will make both your and your clients' processes seamless! If you haven't already, you'll want to join the 12,000+ TSheets PROs.

Note: Before setting up your client's TSheets account, you must have the team members set up in your client's QuickBooks account. If they're not, do so before completing the following steps.

To set up a client's account:

  1. If you haven't already, sign in to QuickBooks Accountant.
  2. At the top, select Client Apps and choose a client to connect to TSheets.
  3. Select Find an app.
  4. Locate TSheets Time Tracking, and select it.
  5. Select Get App Now.
  6. Under Install for Your Client, select the drop-down, locate the client, and select it.QBOASelectClient.jpg
  7. Select a billing type, then at the lower right, select Install.
  8. Sign in to your TSheets PRO account.
  9. Choose to Create a new TSheets client account or Link to an existing customer account, then select Next.
  10. In the Payroll Settings window, select pay period and overtime settings and then Next.
  11. In the What do you want to track? window, select items to import into TSheets and then Next.
  12. In the You are now connected to TSheets window, select Go to TSheets. You are now in your client's TSheets account.
  13. Designate an account admin and invite them:
    1. Go to My Team.
    2. Locate the account admin, and select their name.
    3. Select the Permissions tab.
    4. Next to User Type, select Administrator Save.
    5. Select the General tab, and at the right of the email, select Send Invite. The client will receive an email invitation to start using TSheets. You will receive an email when your client accepts the invitation.

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