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How to get my 3 seats of Quickbooks Pro Desktop functioning on a network properly?

About 10 months ago, I purchased 3 seats of QB2017 Pro Desktop for my small business.  

I have the data file located on a Windows 2012 Essentials server.

I have then 3 workstations (Win 10), each with a license, accessing the data file on the server.

I am constantly having problems with more than one person accessing the same file.

I see that the QuickBooksDB27 is running.

I have tried to run File Doctor with no help.

I run the Quickbooks Database Server Manager, Start Scan, and says that Windows Firewall is blocking Quickbooks.  I try to manually add the exceptions to the firewall with no good results.

I completely disable the windows firewall run the QB Database Server Manager and get:

Quickbooks 2017 Server Running....

+Windows firewall:  Disabled exceptions not defined

Network Diagnositcs:  Failed.  Resolve errors and Retry!!

I have also disabled Symantec Endpoint Protection completely and same results...

I am able to individually access the Quickbooks file from the workstations.  But in many cases, two of us can not access the same file at a time.  We try to switch to multi-user mode and get a H202 error...I am going in circles here!  Not sure what to do and very frustrated in jerking around with this.  It seems it should be very simple...I have the datafile on our server...I need to be able to simultaneously be able to work from my 3 workstations on this file....that is it...

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!