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Re: Set up QuickBooks Scan Manager

Hi there, @RonM228,

Welcome to the QuickBooks Community. I’ll help you go through some troubleshooting steps to get the scanner to work with QuickBooks Desktop 2018.

There shouldn’t be any conflict between QuickBooks Scan Manager and Nuance PaperPort14 since they are two different programs that work independently. The scanner could not be selected message usually appears if the scanner is not TWAIN compliant or the driver is not up to date.

You can contact the scanner manufacturer or visit their website to see the product specifications and latest driver updates. Once done, let’s run some test to ensure the problem isn’t lying with the scanner itself.

I’ll walk you through the steps:

1.    Open the Scanner Setup Wizard.
2.    Select the scanner.
3.    Select Normal Mode.
4.    Check the Perform Tests box.
5.    Click Next.
6.    Click Next again.
7.    Select a test to run.
8.    Click Next, then click Next again to start the scanner test.
9.    The test page will appear in Your scanner document here.
10.  Check the Repeat this test in order to check all modes box and click Next to continue testing other modes.

Once done, try scanning again using the QuickBooks Scan Manager. If the test run fails, try scanning a document outside QuickBooks.

If it doesn’t work, there may be some issues with the scanner or settings that need to be configured. In this case, I recommend reaching out to the manufacturer or consulting an IT professional.

Let me know if you’re able to scan outside the program. I’m here to provide additional solutions to get the Scan Manager working.