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intuit biscotti is a busy man/woman.  Thanks for doing your best to keep us up to speed.  I'm an unhappy 2014 mac user and very disappointed that I'm being forced to upgrade to a new version simply to stay current with my software.  Basically, I will be doing a cost benefit analysis. At this point, it seems that I'm being asked to invest $200+ on a piece of software that works fine and does what I need it to do.  If that is the case, I will look at other options outside of the QB universe.  There are many new programs out there that offer the same functionality, whether online or offline.  I am most likely going to strike QB from my consideration set and make a change that has been long coming.  This forced upgrade path is a very business-unfriendly practice. I've had QB 2014 for about 2 years and it makes no sense to spend a dumb amount of money just for the benefit of running a safer, more secure and up to date operating system.  Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Sorry, Intuit, you guys failed on this one.