I've got the steps to resolve the errors when printing and emailing invoices through QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) 2020, @Propman16


The errors might be caused by incorrect printer settings. You're on the right track in going to the printer setup, so I'm here to guide you on how to adjust the paper size setting. This way, you'll be able to print or email invoices moving forward. Here's how: 

  1. Go to Lists from the top menu. 
  2. Select Templates
  3. Locate the invoice template you use when printing or emailing it. Double-click it to open the Basic Customization window. 
  4. Click Additional Customization
  5. Go to the Print tab. 
  6. Select the Use specified printer settings below for this invoice box. 
  7. Set the Paper Size field to Letter (8 1/2 x 11 in)
  8. Hit OK.


The screenshot below shows you the last four steps. 



However, if the issue persists, let's run the QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub. It fixes the most common errors when you print or email invoices. I'll guide you how. 

  1. Close the software.
  2. Download the QuickBooks Tool Hub file. 
  3. Save the file on your Downloads folder or your desktop. 
  4. Open the file you downloaded (QuickBooksToolHub.exe).
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. 
  6. Double-click the icon on your Windows desktop to open the tool hub.
  7. Select Program Problems.
  8. Choose QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool
  9. You can print or email an invoice from QBDT again.


For detailed instructions, see the Solution 1 section through this article: Troubleshoot PDF and Print Problems With QBDT. This link also has the other solutions to help fix those errors, such as resetting your temp folder permissions. 


Moreover, you can create custom email templates in the program. This lets you personalize your emails to customers and vendors. Just log into your company file and switch to a single-user mode to edit your preferences. To learn more about this process, check out this article: Create Custom Email Templates.


I'll be right here to help if you need anything else. Have a great rest of your day, @Propman16