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I get a message to "enter a valid email address" when I try to set up "talk to an expert". I enter the email I used to access my account but still the same response.



Welcome to the Community forum, mranderson989. Thanks for the details. 


Let's perform some troubleshooting steps like accessing your account in a private browser. This is to verify if this is caused by the system or your browser. 


To do so, you can use the keyboard shortcuts below:

  • Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+N
  • Internet Explorer: Ctrl+Shift+P
  • Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+
  • Safari: Command+Shift+N

Once a private browser is open, follow the below steps:

  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online company account.
  2. Click the Help icon on the top right.
  3. Hit Contact Us button at the bottom.
  4. Enter a short description of your concern.
  5. Pick on Let's talk.
  6. Choose the method on how you'd be connected to support.

Additionally, I want you to get the most out of QuickBooks for your business. You can check some articles that are designed to help you get acclimated with the software. They can be accessed at the following link: QuickBooks Tutorials


Hit the Reply button if you have other questions about QuickBooks. I'll do whatever it takes to ensure your concerns are addressed. Enjoy the rest of your day.