QuickBooks Team


Let's get rid of the error, kena1. 


It's possible that an internet interruption or a browser-related issues is causing the error. We can troubleshoot that by securing our internet connection first and then we'll clear your main browser's cache. 


Here are a few steps on how to troubleshoot a browser:

  1. Let's access QuickBooks using a private browser since they don't store any history and cache files. Then, we can run payroll from there. 
  2. If it works fine, let's switch back to the main browser to remove browser cache and temporary Internet files. Sometimes these are the causes of errors and any unusual behavior performed by QuickBooks. 
  3. We can also use other browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox. They have different cache folders that also helps us isolate errors.

We can use these payroll articles that will help us create and run payroll reports


You can always mention me if you need anything else. Take care and keep safe!