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What is being backup in QB if the client computer still has QB open.?

Our company uses cloud backup that backups every 15 minutes. I plan on getting QB to backup to our servers then backup to our cloud.  I wanted to know what is actually being backup to the cloud given the QB client is still open?  Will these files be corrupt or need verification if backup occurs while the clients are open? If I close the client and a backup occurs to the cloud,  would the files be the same as if client is still open in QB?



Level 15


Your Cloud is not a QB "Backup" but a Mirror process. That is copying files as they are. The Backup tool in QB makes an actual and specific compressed file, ".qbb" and you set the program for Full Verification and to Rotate them, such as, only keep 5. Then, the Cloud "backup" will Mirror these for safekeeping. In case of recovery needs, you don't use the .QBW and utilities files and folders; you  Restore from the .qbb file.