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Migration from QB Desktop to QB Online

Let's say I am interested in migrating from QB Desktop to QB Online.


I do so successfully. However, I want to do it again. Is there a way to delete the data that has been imported into QB Online and run the process again?

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If your QBO sub is less than 60 days old you can purge the data and start over. If longer you import into a new sub, then cancel the old.

Here is more detail https://quickbooks.intuit.com/community/Account-management/Delete-QuickBooks-Online-data-and-start-f...

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Thanks, so if less than 60 days, a "purge" is essentially a deletion of the data?

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Hello @globetreader569,


You're correct in that purging is essentially a deletion of all the data in a QuickBooks Online account. A few things to keep in mind is that a user is unable to perform this action if certain features have been used, such as paying employees with direct deposit. The article that @john-pero provided contains additional insight into this process and I recommend looking over it before initiating this process. 


When re-importing from QuickBooks Desktop, all of the data within QuickBooks Online will be overwritten by what's contained in the Desktop file. This action can't be undone and I suggest notating anything that's been done since the import. The Audit Log  feature can assist with reviewing activity in an account and I'm including an article for further guidance: View Audit Logs in QuickBooks Online.


Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week. Take care.