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Third-Party Macro Program AutoHotkey Disabled after Upgrade from QB Desktop 2017 to 2020

I just installed QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 and found that all the macros I created to automate tasks in QB have been disabled. I even have some simple macros that just type the current date that worked in QBD 2017 and still work everywhere else but QBD 2020. I use the latest version of AutoHokey.


Any ideas on how to disable this disabling feature? Thanks!

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Thanks for posting a question here in the Community, @WardPro.


Due to the latest updates, some third-party apps may be disabled in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT). This is the same case with your AutoHotkey app.


We can perform some steps to help fix this. First, let's ensure the app has full access to your company file. To verify this, here's how:


  1. Let's go to the Edit menu then choose Preferences.
  2. Click Integrated Applications.
  3. Tap the Company Preferences tab then make sure the Don't allow any applications to access this company file box is unchecked.
  4. Hit OK once done checking it.


However, if everything's fine, you may consider contacting an IT guy from the AutoHotkey app. This way, they can check if it can be integrated with your QuickBooks and do some modifications if needed.


Also, you'll want to learn more on how to do a clean install in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) to fix company file issues. Here's an article that you can refer to: How to clean install QBDT?.


Fill me in if you have more questions about managing third-party apps in QBDT. I'll be always here to help. Stay safe, @WardPro.

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@ReyJohn_D , thanks for the reply. The checkbox you mentioned was already unchecked. I really just need to know if Intuit started blocking macro programs from working inside QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Team


Greetings, @WardPro


Thanks for reaching back out to the Community. Since you've already tried the steps that my colleague provided above, I recommend contacting AutoHotkey. They'll be able to see if any modifications need to be done on their side. If they're not able to help you resolve your issue, please let me know. The Community is always here to have your back. I want to make sure that you get back to running your business as soon as possible. 


I'll be waiting for your response!

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While talking with an Intuit support team member, and without doing anything specific, my macros started working again in QBD 2020. We determined that it could have been due to rebooting since the install, but I was pretty sure I had already rebooted at least once since installing QBD 2020.

So, if you have a similar issue, try rebooting after installing.

No matter how it happened, I'm back to greater efficiency. Thanks @ReyJohn_D and @Candice C .

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