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Crash when converting from Mac to Windows

I've made the switch from Mac to PC and have been unable to convert my company file for use on my new PC.  I have the most up to date version of Quickbooks for Mac 2016 on my Mac and I just purchased and have the most up to date version of Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2019 on my PC.


I've followed all of the instructions on this page (which took me over 10 hours to remove special characters from all of the memo lines on 5+ years of transactions).


I'm able to convert the file on my Mac but when I try to open it on the PC it doesn't complete the process.  It makes it all the way to updating the file to the new version and stalls out at 44% and tells me that quickbooks has to quit.  It gives me the option of sending an error report and I'm happy to post the report (if that is any help at all) but it doesn't give me a specific error code or anything else.


I also downloaded Quickbooks 2019 for Mac in an attempt to try to upgrade my Mac file to 2019 and then bring it into the PC version but the same thing happens and it crashes at 44% when updating the company file.


Does anyone have any other ideas?  I've spent nearly 2 full work days already and am at a loss of what to do next.  Are there other special characters that cause conversion problems?  (+, -, =) ?  Is there somewhere I can send my file to have it converted and sent back to me?


Any help is very much appreciated!

Thank you.