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@@Solei I was in the exact same boat as you until last night. I just about performed the same troubleshooting path as you too with some slight variances (also finding this post of yours). Though my situation was a little more annoying, which I'll get to shortly.


Here's my story and fix ...

I was fixing a WIN7 desktop here at work that had some performance issues (not quickbooks related) on Friday evening 2/23/18, amazingly the same day the KB4074805 was being pushed out - of all my luck.  This workstation has had a perfect long time working copy of QBE '17 installed on it too but I haven't upkept the windows updates on it since the top of January '18 (I have it set to download updates w/manual installation).  So, I performed all windows updates (including optionals), fixed some other issues, and also ran CCleaner at the very end (which deletes unneeded temp files etc.). Went home, enjoyed the weekend. Come typical monday, my coworker contacts me and says his Quickbooks crashes upon boot up. Every. **bleep**. time. 


I get to work. I google around for possible solutions. Find several posts here regarding the offending Feb.2018 KB's and the suggestions to fix it.  The top suggestion was to uninstall KB4074805 + KB4073701. This is where things got interesting for me. Upon looking at the windows 'view update history' I see KB4074805 listed there, but you cannot uninstall from this specific window; you can only uninstall from the 'Installed Updates' window. I go to 'Installed Updates' section and KB4074805 is nowhere to be found. -___- . I'm getting some kind of false positive situation here and I think it had something to do with running CCleaner which may have removed any/all cached windows update installer+uninstaller files. Thats my theory on that anyways. I also tried the command line for uninstalling these two KB's and windows would tell me neither of them were installed. SMH.


FFWD to last night, here's what ultimately fixed my situation:


  • Completely uninstalled QBE 17 + ran 'Clean Install' tool + ran CCleaner on the registry deleting any/all Quickook entries. 
    (After realizing it was more of a .NET version specific issue, uninstalling QB didn't have to be done)
  • Reinstalled QBE17 - but still crashed!
  • Uninstalled .NET 4.7.1 and rebooted
  • Installed .NET 4.5.2 and  rebooted
  • Opened up QBE17 (fingers x'd) and ...it didn't crash!
    BUT not long after logging and QB loads up, I'd get a quickbooks 'unexpected error' dialogue & comment box eventually killing the program. I believe it crashed due to .NET 4.5.2 being too old for QBE17 (needs a newer version).
  • Instead of test upgrading to the next version of .NET (4.6.2) I went ahead and ran the QuickBooks Install DiagnosticTool for peace of mind. This took a gooood while to finish and in the process updated .NET from 4.5.2 to 4.6.2 and then to 4.7. Rebooting was required several times and once all was done....
  • QUICKBOOKS WORKS AGAIN - I am now able to login successefully and CRASH FREE!

In conclusion, with my partiuclar situation, it seems .NET 4.7.1 is the source of the problem. Simply rolling back to 4.7 fixes the crashing for me and possibly for others.


Now to see how the rest of the workstations react after pushing windows updates. 


Thanks for your help @Soleil & @lars730