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Re: Manage usage limits in QBO? Seriously guys,

Intuit knows all of this, they are bidding on us to see who upgrades to their QBO Advance $1800 x year version of their product, they calculated that the ones that manager a larger number of properties will probably pay the $1800 per year for the advanced version that allows unlimited charts of accounts and unlimited classes, just because the selection of other accounting software systems out there are not this complete. They are just blood suckers.  


If you search all the many posts about this subject, the Filipino Virtual Assistants that INTUIT hired to run this board keep doing copy and paste answers, to push upgrading to the new Advanced subscription. 


When I purchased the QBO PLUS subscription at $720 per year, was because they advertised the PLUS Subscription had UNLIMITED charts of accounts and UNLIMITED Classes; CROOKED INTUIT is playing the same game again. 


Sadly I think they will probably win the battle, and they know it.