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Allow me to add some insights about the QBBackupTemp folders.


As shared by my colleague, this folder is a temporary holding area that is used during the backup process. Yes, you can move it to another folder, however, QuickBooks Desktop will automatically create it on the default location every time you make a backup copy.


This folder should get deleted automatically when the backup is completed. In some cases, the temp (.tmp) folder may remain if there is a failure error message during the backup. With that said, you'll have to manually delete it.


The "Clear up memory used by QBBackupTemp Folders" section of this article provides more details about this: Create backup of the QuickBooks Desktop company file


That should get you on the right track.If you have other questions, I'm happy to answer it for you. Just post it here as a comment and I'll take a look at it. Have a good one.