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Re: Migrator Tool not working

Same here. Migrator tool not working.


This has been a 6-month issue with me not being able to run my company books and I feel duped. The worst part is, I look out of my window at the Rancho Penasquitos Intuit campus and KNOW the help may be in there, but online, all I get is lazy excuses and honestly rude answers.


Here is my situation:

- Reached transactions limit

- Cannot repair company

- Cannot backup company

- Cannot move to another PC

- I am out of options!


I tried your online QB that a sales rep recommended and guess what? I couldn't print checks. Yeah, that's right. No check printing.


So then I spent more money on The latest an greatest local version of your software and still nothing. When I did a tech support chat, I was basically treated with an "OH WELL!"
Next I tried FB chat for support. They asked the problem, I told them. 2-3 days later I was asked "Hi, what seems to be the issue?" I replied and the response was "Hi, what seems to be your issue?" This went on and on. Would you like the transcripts? Please say yes.


Here we are with a brand new PC, the full hope of moving my company data to a fresh WIN10 box and now the migration tool will not take my password.

If you are an Intuit rep and you genuinely want to help me out, please let me know. I am 6 months behind on cleaning up my business due to your software errors and more importantly the lack of assistance by your "help" people.


At this point, I feel nothing but righteous indignation towards QB.