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Re: Home Depot no longer connecting to Quickbooks. I spoke with them and they say there is a conn...

Hello, @DecaturInvestor.


Just to confirm that the investigation was already closed. If you're still getting the error code 108, you have to log into your Financial Institution (FI) or bank's website and act on the notification from there.


This error usually means that there is/are a notification/s on your FI's website that requires action to be taken. These actions are usually acknowledging items such as new Terms of Services, confirm the email address on file, a promotion, or an announcement. The announcements can appear immediately upon login or could be buried in a message center. If you don't see your notifications, you may need to disable your pop-up blocker.


Once verified that all messages are dismissed at your FI website, navigate back to the Banking page in QuickBooks and click on Update.


Feel free to drop a post if you have any other questions about the banking error 108. I'd be glad to help you.