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Re: Home Depot no longer connecting to Quickbooks. I spoke with them and they say there is a conn...

 @DecaturInvestor  after my post the same issue reappeared. I am still having the issue this morning.

So I logged into the Home Depot Revolving Commercial Credit account, it asked me to update my email address. I did, BUT it did not accept the change (last time it didn't say it didn't accept the change-I've done this part several times over the last month+/-). Frustrated I called the HDRCC Customer Support and it turns out it is a known issue on Home Depot's side, they are working on it but have no ETA. The only option is to manually download transactions and that will be a pain too as you can't select date periods for the download, its by month. 


Maybe this is the same type of issue you and others are having and not really a QB issue as HD customer service said that my issue would definitely stop the syncing. 

FYI a WORK AROUND: as suggested by a QB rep try updating several times...and it does work, just worked again.