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Re: Home Depot no longer connecting to Quickbooks. I spoke with them and they say there is a conn...

@MaryLandT and @Jen_D Let me make sure I understand your command. @quickbook's engineers haven't found the problem as of yet, correct? So it is incumbent upon me, the customer, to call back and and for the 4th of 5th submit "get back in contact with your Technical Support Team" the team in which I last called had me on the phone for 55 minutes, only to tell what you've just told me. Is that correct? In addition, yet again, you'll pass along my feedback about my experience with your Callback team to your management group. This way, they can escalate and discuss how to improve our service performance. So my take it away is, I'll need to spend my time and effort to do what you won't do. Correct? In the meantime, you can continue importing your bank transactions manually engineering team have open another investigation (INV-32613) and is already escalated. It would be best to get back in contact with our Technical Support Team. I know you've already contacted them. However, they can add your account to the new investigation to keep you updated.