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Re: Import GoPayments - NOT WORKING!!

I have been on chat and keep getting rerouted back to the same non-helpful page. Credit card payments taken by my technicians in the field are NOT syncing with the client invoices in QB. They are NOT showing up in the bank register. I. have a list of customers who look like they have unpaid balances because I can't get the payments to connect. This is so typical of software companies. We are the guinea pigs that they test new platforms on and they don't have real help available. We're doing free troubleshooting instead of them having to pay high wages to experts. Their directions are so confusing and they don't even lead to a solution. This software is marketed to small businesses. Small business owners use software to make their lives easier, not harder. We aren't all software engineers. I am so frustrated I'm ready to go back to ledger books. This is not fair to us average business owners.