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Purchase order numbers on sales invoices

Greetings :-)

Please can you advise if we can can display the name of our sales rep and customer purchase number on our sales invoices and thereafter reflect on our invoices.


I have a feeling (but hope I am wrong) that the only way we can do this is via a custom field which would thereafter require us to develop customised templates which appear to be a very tedious process and prone to incorrect field mapping).


Thanks all - I know I am asking heaps of questions and once again appreciate your responses and patience.

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Hi Koala, 


Love your questions and please keep them coming. They are useful for other community members as future reference and trust you'd be able to master QuickBooks Online in no time and might start answering questions here. 


For this one, you are right! Purchase order and name of sales reps are the best to use for custom fields. 


I understand the mapping process may seem less than ideal at the start. We are constantly in look out for feedback on how we can improve this experience for our customers, so please give us some feedback on your experience as well. 

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