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Is it possible to show 2 currencies on an invoice? When i create an invoice it shows 2 currencies but when i print it shows only 1 currency.

QuickBooks Team

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I'm here to provide some information with creating an invoice using different currencies, @useralaa-fawaz


If you'd like to create an invoice using a foreign currency, create a customer's profile first. Then, set the currency under This customer pays me with box under the Payment and billing section. Please take note that the feature to set 2 currencies in an invoice is currently unavailable. The invoice will base the currency from the customer's profile that you set. 


Here's how to create the customer's profile:

  1. Go to Sales and the Customers tab and click on New customer.
  2. Fill up the Customer Information window. 
  3. Select the Payment and billing tab.
  4. Click on the drop-down under This customer pays me with, and select the correct customer currency.
  5. Hit on Save once you're done. 

Check this article for more information on how to add a customer: Manage your customer list. Also, here's a guide on to turn multicurrency on, add currencies, and add account that uses a foreign currency: Turn on and use multicurrency.


From here, you can now create an invoice under that foreign currency. See this create invoices in QuickBooks Online article for more information. 


Let me know if you still have questions in creating an invoice and or anything else. I'm always here ready to help. Take care and have a wonderful day!