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Manage Customers and income

You've come to the right place, @userahmedsobhi474.


I can guide you in creating a tax code so you can apply it to invoices. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Tax menu.
  2. Choose Add Tax.
  3. Select Tax Rate.
  4. Enter the details of your tax rate. 
  5. Click Done.

Now, you can create an invoice and add a VAT code to it. You can read through this article for more detailed instructions in setting up VAT in your account: How do I set up sales GST/VAT rates and use them on forms? (International QBO).


Also, I've added these articles to help you manage VAT in QuickBooks:

Get back to us here if you have other questions about applying VAT to your invoices and other sales form. I'm always here to help.