Common sales tax codes

QuickBooks Online automatically sets up a list of common Canadian sales tax codes for you, based on where your company is located.

Province/Territory Sales tax code Description Rate Taxable or non-taxable
All Z Zero-rated 0% Taxable
All E Tax-exempt N/A Non-taxable
All Out of scope Nontaxable goods and services 0% N/A
Alberta, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon Territory GST Federal goods & services tax 5% Taxable
British Columbia GST BC Federal tax (GST) only 5% Taxable
PST BC BC provincial tax only 7% Taxable
GST/PST BC Federal and provincial tax (BC) 12% Taxable
Manitoba GST/PST MB Combined federal and Manitoba provincial tax 13% Taxable
GST Federal tax (GST) only 5% Taxable
PST MB Manitoba provincial tax only 8% Taxable
New Brunswick HST NB Harmonized federal and New Brunswick provincial tax 15% Taxable
Newfoundland and Labrador HST NL Harmonized federal and Newfoundland and Labrador provincial tax 15% Taxable
Nova Scotia HST NS Harmonized federal and Nova Scotia provincial tax 15% Taxable
Ontario HST ON Harmonized federal and Ontario provincial tax 13% Taxable
Prince Edward Island HST Harmonized federal and PEI provincial tax 14% Taxable
Québec GST/QST QC Combined federal and Québec provincial tax 14.975% Taxable
GST Federal tax (GST) only 5% Taxable
QST QC Québec provincial tax only 9.975% Taxable
Saskatchewan GST/PST SK Combined federal and Saskatchewan provincial tax 10% Taxable
GST Federal tax (GST) only 5% Taxable
PST SK Saskatchewan provincial tax only 5% Taxable