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Recording Expense paid using a Friend's Debit Card

Hello everyone,
How do you record an expense into QuickBooks that you paid using the Debit/Credit card of a friend?

For the subscription fee of QBO, G Suite and likes, I'm using the Debit card of a friend. I will pay him at some point in the future.

If I'm not wrong, My Friend's account will basically be Accrued Liability where the Expense A/C will be debited and Accrued Liability A/C i.e. my friend will be credited (correct me if I'm wrong).

I'm not sure how to record this subscription fee in QBO (Plus). And please also suggest if I should create separate accounts for all the online subscriptions (QBO, G Suite, etc) from Charts of Accounts?


And what will be needed to be done once I pay him back in the future? 

Thanks for your time.