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Paying Sick Leave in advance

You are able to add leave taken either during the pay run in advance.
To enter leave taken during the pay run you need to:
1. Click on new payrun button.
2. Select the pay schedule.
3. Select the pay period .
4. You can choose to tick the box to manually add employee to this payrun.
5. Tick create payrun with empty pays if you only wanted to apply the sick leave without any other earnings for this payrun and continue.
6. Click on the employee for whom it applies, this will open the employee's pay run details.
7. Click on the blue "Actions" tab in the bottom right hand corner then choose the "Take Leave" option
8. When you click the "Take Leave" button, a new line will show under the "Leave Taken" heading.
9. You will then need to enter:
• Leave Category which Personal Care's Leave/Sick leave.
• Add some notes if needed.
• Units Taken (required). The units will display as either hours, days or weeks and depends on how you have set up the leave category.
10. Press save button.

Please Note: A warning will be received if the employee is taking leave of more than what they currently have. The system will still allow you to go through as it will still balance it off with the upcoming payrun accruals.

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