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Re: Is anyone else p'd off with Quickbooks with the false advertising of the supposedly "free" Zo...

Adrian, thanks for your replay, but you are missing the point here.


What I am saying i s that Quickbooks advertises "FREE" apps within its own product Quickbooks Online. I already pay my monthly Quickbooks online subscription.


The problem is that in advertising the "FREE" app Zoho, Quickbooks is providing false and misleading information. In Quickbooks Online the information that is being supplied about the availability of Zoho to Quickbooks users is simply wrong. The "FREE" plan does not even integrate with Quickbooks and the Standard plan states 1 user for AUD$3.5 per month billed annually (as per the attached screenshot).


However, on the Zoho web site the information is entirely different - the 3 user "FREE" plan is indeed free, but it does not integrate with Quickbooks Online, so it is completely useless.


The Standard plan on Zoho has a minimum requirement of 10 users per month, paid annually so is not just AUD$3.5o per month at all.


I suggest Quickbooks get this information fixed or, as I stated in my original post, you could be open to action by the ACCC for false and misleading advertising.


Please do your research and, please comprehend what someone is posting before responding.